The Love of Fashion

Josephine FerlisiComment



Nothing is sexier than mens wear inspired looks on a woman. Fashion houses such as Chanel do this in a BRILLIANT way. Tailoring is KEY. Mens wear inspired looks include slacks, blazers and even accessories such as ties. Which can include skinny ties, bow ties and even an ascot.  If your going to wear a full tailored suit pull back on the accessories.  A pulled back pony tail or a ballerina bun would be the best accessory. The famous mens tie, bow tie or ascot can be worn with a high collared button down blouse. As for a fedora, throw it on with your favorite bomber jacket and some jeans and your ready to go out with a mens inspired look. However you choose to include this trend in your wardrobe, be bold and remember only a tough & confident woman can pull off a mans look.