The Love of Fashion


Josephine FerlisiComment

What more to say then BRILLIANT COLLECTION BY MR.WANG himself. I chose my 3 favorite looks from the collection for my readers. I chose these specific looks because as always we can pull inspiration to wear in our everyday life. TAKE A BOW!

Limited Edition Button Collar $20.70-Lipsy PU Trim Body Dress- Robert Rodriguez Metallic Boyfriend Blazer

   In the first look you can see a very strong collar. Now for a change instead of investing in one shirt that has a statement collar, They sell these amazing separate collars that you can wear around any shirt or dress you choose. GENIUS!

  The Second look is leather and cutouts. I mean HELLO! sexy and completely
a must have for our wardrobes.

  Lastly, the third look is a Metallic inspired look. We all need a blazer so why not add this one as something different but still very wearable for our everyday lives.

Please comment or E-mail for any further questions or just to tell me what you guys think.

                                                                                         Enjoy Miei Amori