The Love of Fashion


Josephine FerlisiComment

You may ask how can one stay chic in this weather? It's a little tough because its humid and warm yet raining! Simply annoying many would say...I came up with a little outfit I think is perfect for these rainy summer days, that do not seem to be going away!


First lets start off with one of my great finds______A SLEEVELESS TRENCH COAT FOR ONLY $27.80

Then came an effortless fedora with gold detailing to cover up our beautiful locks of hair..JUST A TIP I ALWAYS BLOW OUT MY HAIR AND LITERALLY PULL IT ALL UP AND COVER IT WHEN I AM HEADED INTO THE RAIN! & LET IT DOWN ONCE I HAVE ARRIVED AT MY DESTINATION.

Now many may question leather shorts in the summer?..Well, they are not really leather which makes them light weight. The reasoning for choosing these shorts are simple, when raining you want to wear materials that the water can just slide right off. So your not drenched in some sort of denim or cotton.

Same goes for the flats I chose...of course staying fashionable by sticking with the gold and black detailing

& last a very cute umbrella to finish off the look.